Hi, I went to my local train station about a month ago to ask about taking a mobility scooter on a train. I was given a card with a website address and phone number on it and was told I needed a permit, all as i expected.

I tried to find the form online and after a while of searching gave uo and used the phone number. The person I spoke to couldnt help so put me through to another department. That gentleman said “why was I put throught to him? as its not his job”…anyway he did try to help. He couldn’t find how to do it online - so he said he would print the forms off and send them to me in the post - Great…except after 2 weeks they still haddent arrived!

I phoned them again and explained what had happened and the lady said she would print them off again and send them out, but she also told me to allow a couple of days for the forms to reach me, then I would have to send them back and it would take about 5 weeks after that for a permit to be processed and sent to me…my tickets are booked for the end of the month…I thought 2 months was plenty of time.

I was told if I didn’t have a permit it would be up to the individual train station if the would allow me to take a scooter on board…the trouble I have with that is a/ its not certain and b/ if going out i’m allowed to take it, but what happens if the return station wont allow it? what do I do then??

Anyway, the forms came and they were straight forward…you could do most of it over the phone, just upload a photo. But one of the criteria is that the scooter must have an anti-tipping device…mine dosent have that and I cant find one to fit.

I think I will try to hire one when I get there…it has been really stressful and I dont feel like going away now or trying anything new/different. Ive always thought there are ways around every obstruction…but it takes so much energy and thought that i cant be bothered…i feel like going to bed and crying…sorry …sleep deprived!

Rant over

I’ve just been to Berlin and back by train with my mobility scooter. In UK I’ve never been asked for permits, forms etc at UK train stations. The station should provide you with assistance, ramps, information about where to sit etc. Eurostar excellent and cheap and provide a complete service. Deutshe Bahn are appalling, but then they are appalling for all travellers. If you are interested, look up EC (that’s European legislation)1371/2007 on rail passengers right and obligations. I don’t think UK government have put that on their bonfire of EU laws, yet.