Totally isolate or social distancing?

Hi guys,

Just wondering which you have decided to do? On the government website MS is not in the group that have to totally isolate for 12 weeks, so I’m assuming that if anyone gets the text or letter telling them to totally isolate it’s because of other medical conditions.

Living in sheltered housing, we have been told to totally isolate to try not to bring the virus into the building. But we are still having carers, delivery men, repair men etc in the building PLUS some residents have totally ignored the lockdown.

I’ve been in total isolation for a week today but wondering if I’m overdoing it and should follow the guidelines about going out and social distancing.

Be interested to see what others are doing.

Praying for you all,

Love Pat xxx

Hi Pat

My GP rang this morning and told me to totally isolate for 12 weeks cos as well as MS I have RA and inject immunosuppressants weekly.


Ood job I have lots of wool in my cupboard that will keep me busy.

Stay safe and well everyone xx

Pam x

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Hope you’re all keeping safe. I’m isolating as I got a letter telling me that ms is listed under neurological conditions to do so. I keep wondering if I can risk going to supermarket but decide not to. I’ll try online even if they can only deliver in a few weeks.


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I got a text saying ‘you must stay at home’ Has it really only been 3 days?

Take care, be safe M x

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I’m socially distancing.

I don’t take and DMD’s and I am fortunate in that my MS is stable. My Mum is 88 I am shopping for her so she doesn’t have to. Up until last weekend I was going into her home but have decided our face to face contact from now on will only be in the open air at the distance specified.

I have only been going to the supermarket at 6.00am which appears to be a good time to go as there hasn’t been many people there when I’ve been. I have food handlers gloves to wear while shopping and I use sanitiser when entering and leaving the car. I’ve also been washing my hands when entering and leaving home.

To be honest I’m more worried about lack of exercise. Of late I have been attending three Aqua fit classes a week, I’m not sure it’s helping my mobility but I know it helps my emotional wellbeing.

We all have to do what we feel is best for us and of course what we are able to do.

Stay safe everyone.

Jan x


I’ve downloaded The Tipping Point app to my iPad it’s passing away a great deal of time

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My feeling is “if in doubt don’t go out” if that’s at all possible of course.

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Thanks all. I am totally isolating and on day 9. I basically don’t want the virus and don’t want the NHS to have to care for me when by being careful I hope to avoid it.

I’ve had no advice from GP or anyone… but it’s good to know that others have and I’m not overreacting. So far so good.

I spent about an hour today picking cat hair out of the grill bit of radiator in living room… lol… never even noticed it before. Only lived here 10 years …

Love and stay strong, stay well, Pat xxx

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