To help with fatigue - and it works

l joined the facebook group for Biotin for Progressive MS. And have learnt from the people on there - nearly 600 members, so much.

Why this important work into preventing and curing fatigue has not been made common knowledge l do not know. lt is cheap and easily available - water-soluble so safe. With no side-effects. So BigPharma and our Neuros are not getting any financial gain from prescribing it.

1500 mg daily is recommended. lt is used alongside Biotin in the trial. l am going to order the pure powder along with the pure Biotin l get from Bulk Powders US and Pure Bulk US.

Although, the trial, for Biotin/Thiamine was on SP/PP MS - l cannot see why it would not be beneficial to RRMS. Not eveyone wants to take dmd’s- many worry about the side-effects and the toxic damage done to their bodies. These simple B Vitamins are water-soluble - you cannot overdose as you just pee out what you do not absorb.

Forgot to point out that the B Vit for combating fatigue is B1 Thiamine - just in case l did not make it clear.

I don’t have the brain power for reading the articles at the moment, but while I’m sat here munching on toast with Marmite (which contains thiamine) this makes me happy. :slight_smile:

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hi spacejacket

the links didn’t work.

i can find biotin on google but what else is it that you take alongside it?

if it can help with the fatigue it will be an alleleuia moment!!

carole x

B1 Thiamine Carol

Did you try www. in front of what l posted. lt worked when l did it.

This post on the Barts MS bog is about thiamine (vitamin B1) for fatigue.

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