High dose vit B1 (Thiamine) for MS fatigue

There was a study in 2013 that concluded high dose thiamine (vit B1) helped fatigue in MS. Does anyone take high dose B1 for fatigue? If so what dose do you take?

It’s affordable from healthfood shops. I guess pharma companies can’t patent thiamine (vit B1) so they have no interest in researching it.



hi lenney

i was prescribed thiamine by a locum gp in 2007 for the tingling in my hands and feet.

it worked.

so if a gp could prescribe it then, it must have been produced by some pharma company??

ask your doctor!

carole x


Having read recent research about the possible role of biotin (which is a b vit I think) in halting or slowing MS progression, Ive gone for the optimum amount indicated in the research which is 300 ug (sic) per day. Might be all be in my head but the spasms seem to have got a bit better since starting on it.

I got pretty much a years supply of biotin for £21 from boots online. Its in 900 ug capsules but u can pour out and divide the powder. I add mine to the porridge.

Having said that, as I write this, my legs are twitching like crazy. So not a miracal cure!

Sorry, I just reread your post and it was about fatigue not spasms. I think the spasms are taking over my brain!

May be but GP’s prescribe multi-vitamins and Vit D sometimes to their patients (not just MSers). These would be the same as standard doses the public can buy in the supermarket.

Forgot to ask you can you remember the thiamine dose you took? each day.

Thanks yes Biotin is a B vitamin, also called B7. It would seem both Thiamine B1 and Biotin B7 work for MS.

and B12

I found the study from 2013 and started HIGH dose thiamine this morning. Totally different day when it comes to MS fatigue. It is about 4:40 PM and I am just now getting a little tired. I have a late night and am about to take a second dose. Still early to make a self diagnosis but am impressed so far. Took 200 mg. at 7:00 am and about to take the same at 6:00 PM. I have been declared handicapped by PCP, Neurologist and Social Security. Improving the fatigue would be amazing!

But are we talking about general fatigue, as in tiredness, or muscles fatigue, as in legs just not wanting work/corporate ?

I used Thiamine IV for over 40 years. 100 mgm every week with B12 IM. My symptoms decreased till they were essenially gone and stayed that way the entire time. I used to describe the fatigue as not can I get out of bed, but can I even move my arm to get the covers off. That was gone also. Then life got in the way and I stopped using it. Now I am extremely fatigued and am having difficulty walking. The problem is finding someone willing to write the prescription.