Tiznanidine - Side effects?

I am just about to start to take this drug. Could anyone tell me how they have got on and side effects etc…

Thanks Twist

Start on a very low dose and build it up very slowly. I’ve used this for years and it works for me, but take too much and it can make you really sleepy. Don’t panic if it does this too you as it only stays in your system for a few hours so any side effects will be short lived.

Hi Twist

I have been taking this for a few weeks. I started on 1 x 2mg tablet a day and now take 4 x 2mg per day. I am still slowly increasing the dose. You must build the dose up slowly. The main side effect I have had is drowsiness, this only lasts for a couple of hours each day and it wears off as I get used to each new dose. I have not yet noticed any benefit but I am hopeful as I am still on quite a low dose.


I take this in conjunction with baclofen 2mg 4x a day no side effects and it works a treat for my spasticity.

Many thanks for your replys. I will see how it goes.