'tis the season

Hello people.

The prospect of 12 weeks radiotherapy is leaving me frustrated. Together with the possibility of a second operation to remove anything nasty left up there, I’m feeling a bit tied down. This has left me even more scathing of the tripe I am enduring on TV; both in the news and elsewhere. There are a few exceptions: Pointless, Countdown, Tipping Point and football are obviously ring-fenced from acerbic evaluation but the rest of it is ripe for a ruthless blast from the McChrystal cannons of satire.

By the way, I think we should just let the PM get on with it.

Best wishes, Steve.

I have spent ages typing a reply from my phone. Hit post and it’s gone. NOT HAPPY. This is from my tablet!

No dates on your list?

Wishing you as merry Christmas, as is possible, before your next treatment comes up!

Sonia x