Hi everyone,

I’ve no been diagonised with MS yet but have lost hearing in my left ear, am dizzy all the time and have had an MRI Scan which shows white ares. I am going to see a Neurologist next week so will hopefully get some idea on whether I have MS or not??

Just wondered if anyone else get really tired and really dizzy when they walk or on there feet all day. Been shopping today and I am just exhausted!! The dizziness is worse and can feel a headache coming on!

Yes, you will find you need to pace yourself. Whether or not you have ms, these are signs that you are overdoing it. Listen to your body! I’m one to talk, I’m sitting here after a day at work in which I taught one lesson, saw 5 students for individual tutorials and had a meeting and I feel as though I’m sitting on an electricity sub station! Buzzing like crazy! Think of it as an excuse to sit down and have a coffee (glass of wine) mid shop :slight_smile:

haha I know what you mean, I have 4 children so it is hard to try and sit down. I have noticed though if I go for a walk it just knocks me out! Hate doing it but just means I’m having to drive everywhere :frowning: Really want to go to the gym but know I can’t, trying to think of some form of exercise I could do that doesnt involve so much jumping about?

Does anyone also get confused, forgetful with MS??

Yes, I do. And it’s worse when I’m tired or stressed. I’ve made lots of mistakes at work and forget appointments etc. I’m having to find ways around it! I’ve got someone else to do my appointment bookings now, for example, and I’m trying to get into using a tablet to make notes of meetings and use the calendar and to do lists with alarms set to remind me to do things.

I’ve not done it myself recently but I’ve a couple of friends with MS who find pilates really effective as a form of exercise so I’m going to give it a go.