Not been diagnosed yet but got quite a few visible and invisible problems. but not able to see a GP and get diagnosed due to the situation that we are in. anyone got any tips please to help me in the meantime ?

You may not have MS. Everyone 's MS is different. Politely insist on face to face doctor’s appointment. In the meantime look after yourself with exercise, diet and sleep. Just as important though is to keep a positive state of mind. I know I can’t beat MS but it’s not going to beat me. :blush:

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a GP cant diagnose you with your MS, you need a specialist appointment. when i started i couldnt walk the doctor checked me out and put me for a referral to neurolosit that was 2006 it was 2016 i got my diagnosis.

my tip to you is. LIVE YOUR LIFE forget google, do things, make things, when you feel ok do something, talk to your friends and family about life, but just get on with your life. IF it is MS it isnt going away, and if it is MS it will show itself.

Yep just get healthy, go for walks, enjoy the days you have and find something else to focus on. is my TIP. xx

Agree that a GP can’t diagnose MS but (in my case anyway) they do refer to a specialist. btw agree with everything else you said!