Tips on being positive anyone??

Hi am not coping at the mo. Not been dx but have high chance of getting MS (lesions brain and spine). I just can’t cope. I am reasonably well at the moment apart from foggy head and weak legs and am very aware I am wasting my good health being miserable and sad…but I can’t get positive, I feel so doom and gloom and teary.

Anyone got any tips about how to deal with a looming ms diagnosis, and how to enjoy each day feeling well when I have got so much going on in my mind all the time??? any therapies or counselling or ANYTHING you can reccomend??

Hi Vicky

Some people find counselling beneficial - have you considered either speaking with your GP or ringing the MS Helpline?

Confide in a loved one or close friend - tell them what you’re going through. Having a good support network can work wonders!

Do something that you enjoy, whatever that may be! Have a bit of fun with family & friends. Distraction is a wonderful thing.

Try to focus on the things that you can do rather than the things that you can’t.

Treat yourself! Whether it’s a slab of your favourite choccie or something equally delicious or buy yourself something…have a pamper perhaps?

Smile and have a good chuckle about something. A movie perhaps? …

Remind yourself that regardless of your health - you’re still the same person

Debbie xx

Hi Vicky,

Getting the mind to stop chunteering is something most of us have issues with one thing I found useful was guided meditation. There are many cd’s available with talking and natural sounds in the background. It does take a while to feel comfortable with doing the opposite of what we all do naturally i.e. chuntering, worrying and analysing but eventually it can be learnt.

You should browse for yourself to find something that you are comfortable with it also helped me to use an MP3 player to isolate you from the normal daily sounds, Bernie Siegal a Doctor who works with cancer patients made some CD’s which I found brilliant as they are directly related to healing yourself and he has a lovely sounding voice which essentially walks you through the relaxation.

Worth a go, hope you feel less stressed soon.

Take care


Dear Vicky

I’m in limbo land waiting to find out the cause to my symptoms: my MRI showed a few white spots but the neuro is not sure if I have MS or not.

I completely understand what you’re going through keeping your mind off your symptoms and telling yourself you’re not going mad imagining them all is so difficult when you don’t have a diagnosis.

The things that have helped me:

  1. I know I want to carry on working and I want to write so that motivates me to try and fight whatever it is I’ve got even without a diagnosis. I’ve been to the osteopath, I can’t run but try to keep active by dancing and yoga. Find what you’re passionate about and use it as your motivation.

  2. Focus on what’s good. I have a loving partner and we’re about to embark on buying our first property which is exciting stuff.

  3. Speak to people: not everyone can understand what you’re going through but try to find someone to confide in or use the forum. Unburdening when you’re stressed or upset is important.

  4. Think of people worse off: I see kids fighting cancer and all things of other nasty things in my job. So I’m thankful that I’m alive and if I have MS at least it’s not as bad as having some of the things other people have had to go through

Hope the ideas help you. Hang in there Vicky - limbo land is very difficult, you have days where you’re okay and elated and other moments where you’re doom and gloom. It’s only natural. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off because whether you have MS or not your life is worth living in every sense of the word



Hello Vicky,

Whilst waiting for a dx, I suddenly realised how lucky I am when I looked around at all the poor people that were in the hospital a lot worse (or seemed so) than I was. I wake in the morning and yes I have pain but I’m awake and try to make sure that I laugh at least once or twice a day. Do something for someone else, read a book, watch tv. Keep myself busy to stop myself thinking about it, as the more you think about it the worse it seems. The advice you have been given by the others is good and remember we are here if you need to chat.


I’m currently all over the place at the moment, I’ll be in fits of giggles to the verge of tears, to super angry in seconds. Some thing that upset me was hearing about the 6 soldiers who where killed in Afghanistan, such a waste of life but hearing one of them had ‘always look on the bright side of life’ playing at the funeral made me smile, despite all the sh*t there are always things to be grateful for and to smile about.

Oh and the new Katy Perry song

I’ve had a bad day too as I have more tests tomorrow on nothing to do with MS but I am tired of being prodded and poked…

That said, I usually stay calm by:

Laughing, lots. I recommend Laurel & Hardy and Fawlty Towers. Innocent silly fun!

Yoga, it helps me calm down. I also use yoga breaths during the day when I start to feel stressed. My mantra is caaaaaaaaaaaaalm :slight_smile:

LOUD MUSIC!!! :slight_smile: And beautiful music…

Exercising where possible, painting / photography / creating, and remembering that life is still good, its just different to what I’d planned.

If I am struggling to sleep I drink valerian tea. I dont drink coffee, have cut down on the regular tea, and now drink camomille tea until it’s coming out of my ears! All good stuff.

Also, it really helps me to accept that this is the way that I am what I am.