Time for something stronger?

I’ve been on Tysabri for years. Phase 3 trial + extended study. I have not had a relapse since the PML study ‘pause’. According to my neurologist my mri’s still show some progression and I am left quite disabled.

My immune system is strong and faulty. Anyone have experience of being moved onto a chemo drug (mitoxantrone etc) to bash their immune system?



I had the first instalment of Mitox five years ago. It consisted of three infusions over three days along with IV 'roids and an anti- nausea drug. I had no good or bad effects and it was on day three that I got the blue wee.

Joking aside it is dodgy stuff and I had to have ECG and a heart scan before it was administered.There was a poor soul on the Old Board who suffered severe damage to his heart from the stuff.

It didn’t really have any affect on me as my version of MS is a steady downward spiral with the occasional blip which might be described as a bit of a relapse.I cancelled Copaxone after 10 months as it hadn’t altered things.At £5000 a year I’ve saved the NHS a few bob so why can’t I have Sativex.

If your Neurotic sanctions Mitox you should get all the facts on the stuff before you make any decision.


I’m a bit surprised nobody has any experience of Mitox


mitoxantrone is a chemo drug. licensed for cancer treatment. it is used at a lower dose off licence for treatment of ‘aggressive’ ms to smash the immune system. there are other chemo drugs used. they are not used very often as having your immune system smashed by very brutal drugs is nasty!