This is a new symptom for me...relapse? :-(

Hello I haven’t been on for ages, I had a baby six weeks ago so I was symptom free and happy but day to day symptoms which I had before are coming back now and when I look down it feels as though something hot is being poured over my right thigh. I’ve never has this before does this mean I’m having a relapse? :frowning: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca congratulations on your baby…I had that strange feeling last year and asked the same question but was told it wasn’t and it did go away eventually!..I kept thinking Ide had an accident lol!..hope it clears up soon Emma x

When my one year old sits on me I keep thinking his nappy is leaking :smiley:

Hi hun. It may be a small flare up of symptoms which can happen after a baby. I imagine you are tired and having a baby is not easy at all. Also they do say that when your pregnant you are symptom free so now your not it may be that these are just some symptoms that like you say were there before you got pregnant again. I developed symptoms in pregnancy so certainly not the norm well so I’m told. Just keep your eye on it, if your worried contact nurse or GP. I have constant sensory symptoms in my hands and certainly have them on and off in one leg…like a ice cold feeling at times. Try not to worry too much and rest when baby is. And many congratulations on the birth of your baby. Mine is now 4 but will always be my babba. No more for me :frowning: xxx

Rebecca,call your ms nurse in the morning and explain to her what is happening. Could be if it lasts more than 24 hours. Congrats on your baby also. BE

Ha ha!!’s weird I remember when it first happened I was sitting in the car and I kept moving my head up and down think wot the heck and feeling down my leg to see if if was wet it was like a whooshing!..think it’s inflammation in the spinal cord l’hermitts the neuro said although I thought that cause tingling but mine was def a whooshing wet feeling!.. bizarre disease with so many different sensations for everyone…x

Hi rebecca congratulations on your new baby,have you an ms nurse to get in touch with, it could well be a relapse,are you resting enough when you can ?

i had a relaspe exactly 6 weeks after giving birth,i hope yours isnt,it might just because you are tired from the birth,but if it goes on for a while,best to get in touch with your gp or neuro.

Thank you all so much for your help and the congratulations on Erin, the little bundle was just over three weeks early so we weren’t ready (no milk or nappies!) and as we now have four I am very tired so I’m hoping it is down to that but I will contact my MS Nurse if it continues. I haven’t missed my symptoms in the slightest and as my neuro said about putting me on Copaxone if they flare up I am really hoping it isn’t a relapse and I’m booking Gareth an appointment with the GP…no more children!!! I’m going insane :slight_smile:

Good luck hun, and rest although I can imagine with four that’s difficult. I have one and find that hard enough. Although that’s not the reason for no more. I am also trying to book my hubbie in for the big V. :slight_smile: hope you improve soon xxxx