things about ms that scare me

Hi, Today I’ve come to work and one lady thought I was drunk as I struggled to get my words out in the right order and then staggered as I walked to the till. I laughed it off and said I wish it was the effects of alcohol. I need to work to pay bills but worry that I’ll get sacked , that I’ll be considered fit to work and then repeatedly get sacked ( from other jobs ) for looking drunk and the other stuff that I struggle with. What worries you about ms and what have you done to manage these worries? Lynn

Hello Lynn.

I take it work know about your MS Lynn? I do sympathise with you although I don’t work anymore due to other illness.

Before I started using a walking stick I used to get the odd funny look from passes by because I too have issues with balance.

Do you think a stick would help you…mine is abstract purple…its very stylish.

I’ll be honest I dreaded using it but wouldn’t be without it now.

You can’t get sacked for having MS, that would be discrimination…there are laws against it.

Take care, Noreen

hi lynn

the right side of my body is very weak-almost useless. for past 2 years i have not been able to talk properly-tho folk that give me time then i can make myself understood. double incontinence for 2 years too. ‘frozen’ head-like being at dentist but worse-couldnt swallow liquids or food.

BUT the worst thing by far was earlier this year when i had uncontrolable laughter/tears. i am a person who is well in touch with my feelings/emotions to to be completely out of control was scary. however i made it though by '15 mins’at a time-trying to stay in the now/present instead of past/future. i do not worry re the future cos i have no control over it. some of the things that used to be my fears re ms i have lived through them! cope with whatever as best as i can when it happens-thats all we can do. how will i cope u ask? i guess my 15min rule cos i know its worked before…

when u spend ur time worrying re the future then u r missing out now…

my next 15 mins will be spent with my kids who have been away for the weekend…

ellie x

Cheers for the replies. I’m going to try the 15 minutes rule. Thanks