The work uncertainty is getting worse...

Last week I revealed here that I may (or may not) be compulsorily transferred back to a former employer next May (I last worked for them over 15 years ago).

That still may or may not be the case, but now my (our) boss has made clear he will definitely NOT be our boss, whatever happens, because he has accepted a post elsewhere in the company, which means he will definitely not be transferring - or have anything to do with us any more.

So now I don’t know which boss I’ll be working for, or even what company.

He hasn’t always been a wonderful boss, so on the plus side, I might end up with somebody better. But he hasn’t been awful, either: he does know about the MS, and has been gradually improving his understanding. He does still do some stupid things, like convening 2-hour long conference-calls, right at the end of the day, when I’m already knackered, but I at least feel he’s in the picture about my situation, and that I could speak to him about any issues.

Now it looks as if I’ll be having to start again from scratch with a complete stranger (not yet identified), who may or may not have any idea about MS, and may or may not be sympathetic or accommodating.

I know change is not always a bad thing - I could be really lucky, and end up with a saint! But all this uncertainty is really not helping, and I’ve been feeling a lot worse and more anxious since it started. We’ve still got months before I get any answers!


Hi Tina

So sorry to hear of these problems for you, stress is the last thing you need, ms thrives on it.

Cant really suggest anything that may help, but I wanted to send you (((((((((hugs))))))))))to say we are thinking of you.

Take care


Thanks Val and Pam, for your replies.

Yes, I think it’s the psychological effect, as much as anything. It does have a very detrimental effect on MS - I noticed as soon as the news emerged. I think if I knew, and they just got on with it, it wouldn’t be as bad. But it’s clear now, I will have to go the whole Winter without knowing what’s going to happen in the Spring.

I’m trying not to fret myself into a panic (or worse still, a relapse), as everything might be fine. But I’ve somehow got a premonition it spells the beginning of the end for me, employment wise.

As long as I can sit here, minding my own business, and doing my boring but predictable little bit, I get on fine. But if there’s a huge shake-up, I just don’t know if I can adapt to it, any more.

Yes, I do know I’m lucky to still be in a job at all - both healthwise, and in the current economic climate. So I’m certainly going to wait to see what happens - not jump before I’m pushed.

But I’ve not got a good vibe about it.



…you’re right Val, ‘they’ WILL find a reason to get rid of you (as I have found out on the last few occasions). I must say that these last positions were obtained AFTER my diagnosis and I did inform them about one and another but eh, I did not really go into too much detail because that might make them too aware… Yes, I start to consider myself, at the age of almost 49 and having the care of a daughter with learning difficulties at home (sorry folks, I have been advised NOT to make that connection all the time…, however if you want the best for your children under whatever circumstances, it is impossible to do so!), more or less unemployable too. Although… I DO want to work, although it would have to be part time because of my ‘personal circumstances’.

All I can say to other ‘MSers’, stay where you are, especially when you have been there for many years! Do not get me wrong, unless you had proper insurance arrangements at the time of diagnosis, all other options will create problems one way or the other.

My experience however is that, starting in whatever new position AFTER one has been diagnosed with an unpredictable illness like MS, creates far more problems than ‘staying where you are’… Just think of all the explaining you will have to do again and again, plus the fact that the ‘clumsy’ person they see in front of them is all they know…

I just do not want other people, if possible, to make the same mistake that I made! (although it seemed to be the right decision at the time, but not on the long run as I found out)

Hi Folks,

To be fair, I do not think anyone is “trying to get rid of me”. I have no criticism of my company’s handling of my illness so far (but then again, I haven’t asked for much…)

The MS is almost incidental in all this, as there is no suggestion I have been singled out because of it. There are at least 100 other employees facing the same uncertainty. The determining factor is purely job role, and not health status, length of service, or even performance.

I suppose the only reason MS comes into it at all is because I have much lower tolerance of stress and uncertainty these days (frankly, it makes me ill, as I’m sure most here will relate to), and I do not know whether a different boss, and possibly different employer, are things I can adapt to any more.

To be honest, at 45, and 15 years in the same job (albeit with a few promotions and sideways moves along the way), I’d be getting a bit old for major upheaval now, even without the MS. I honestly thought this would be the last job I’d ever hold, or have to worry about. I’m very apprehensive of starting again with someone else at my age - even if they are someone I’ve worked for before, a long time ago.



Hi Tina

Maybe the flip side of the coin might be worth looking at - whether you get ‘sold’ to the other company or retained you are going to get a new boss. So what a brilliant move, you get to train him in the way you do the job, what you need should by now be established in your role so all the ‘reasonable adjustments’ become standard working practie for you! If your boss to be turns out to be a dick then you’ll be able to turn on him and point out that no matter who pays the wage bill you have protected rights!

Try and take a little time off if you can, you need a chill out or the stress will eat you alive!


Clare xxx

Hi guys! New to this and need see advice… I’m Linda new to ms and pretty certain I’m having a relapse. My legs are not working and am struggling with pretty much everything! Advice welcome. Thanks in advance Emma

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hi tina

you have always been the calm, sensible one on this forum.

sorry that you have all this worry but you know how bad stress is for us.

really it looks like you will have to wait and see how it works out.

i have every faith that you will work things out.

now put that worry away and get that bottle of wine out!

carole x


Please be aware just how old Tina’s post is …I know she stopped posting here at least a couple of years ago, and may well have stopped visiting this site at all, even as a passing reader ?!!


Meanwhile of course, if Tina is still reading posts, we still miss you and wish you’d come back.


thanks sue

i had to scroll back up and blinking heck it was over 5 years ago.

hope tina is well and hope her work life is going from strength to strength.

carole x

Anyone have any advice on how to increase it lymphocyte count?


I’m sorry, because you added on to an old thread that was started by someone much loved who left the forum, we’ve tended to ignore the fact that you’ve answered questions that we’ve ignored. (Apart from the first reply which said you’re better off starting a new thread.)

That advice remains the same, the original post dated from 2011 and related to something completely different. The best idea is to start a new thread by hitting the ‘new thread’ button, give it a title and away you go.

With regard to increasing lymphocytes, you’ll need to explain more, why you have low lymphocytes, what drug you’re on and is that why you’ve got depleted lymphocytes?

So start a new thread and we’ll help if we can.