the wait for Lemtrada

Hi everyone, I’m new here! I was diagnosed very recently with RRMS as I’ve have had multiple lesions picked up on my first MRI, after having 4 distinct episodes of sensory and motor symptoms over the course of 8 months. My Neuro has strongly recommended that I go with Alemtuzumab (Lemtrada)… I have started the pre-screening tests and am currently waiting on having a lumbar puncture. One thing that I’m finding quite annoying/stressful is that I dont really know how long the wait will be to actually start the treatment. I have been told that a referral to Kings in London has been made, but past that they wouldnt want to guess at the waiting time. From anyone’s experience, how long generally should I expect it to be? Thanks in advance for any glimmer of insight you can provide! Rach

Hi Rach i don’t have the foggiest idea how long you will have no wait. however it is a very exciting prospect of having such a big gun in your armoury! keep us updated please. carole x

Hi Rach,

I waited about 6 weeks I think :slight_smile:

Laura x

Ok, that doesn’t seem too bad at all! I was thinking it could run into months based on how long it took for me just to get a referral to a Neuro… Can I ask, how was your recovery? I am a secondary teacher with a couple of key exam classes, and its hard to know how long I will need to be away from them! Thanks

I thought it would of been longer too…

I’ve had my 1st round, (2nd in February), recovery wasn’t too bad, the week after was a total right off, I could hardly keep awake for a few hours at a time.

I felt pretty much fine after a couple of weeks :slight_smile:

Laura x