The sun is too much

I hate the summer

There, I said it

I don’t see it as the sun…to me it’s a laser

Never ending, always blinding me

It makes my MS worse

Every year I tell myself…it’ll be ok this time round…I’ll deal with it, I’ll cope


All summer I cry, waiting for winter

Why do so many people love endless sunny days? If it rained for 4 weeks in a row I bet they wouldn’t like that - but when it’s sunny….they love it

I’m a non conformist

But surely, I can’t be the ONLY one who strongly dislikes the hot weather

I get SADS in the summer, not the winter

I wear shorts and t shirt and it’s STILL TOO HOT

It makes me feel so depressed and defeated

Today is/was the longest day

I welcome this, because they all getting shorter after that…just, very……slowly

Thanks to climate change hot weather is more erratic and sustained

Why should I move to another country where the weather is cooler?

I’m from London, I’m a proud Londoner

I couldn’t move anyway, I have nowhere NEAR enough money to do something like that



Rant over

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Yes, I have SAD too, and I’m wired the same way round as you, so you’re not the only oddity! Summer is very hard to deal with and the heat makes me miserable and ill. Evenings are lovely. Afternoons are just something to be endured. Cold showers and the mobile air-conditioner are my friends.

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Not sure if i have ms but i do have damage to the trigeminal nerve from demyelination.

The hot weather is making it so much worse.

I find summer hard too,heat makes my symptoms worse, ut any extremes do.I also hate the very cold weather too.I am ok when its a nice sunny day up to about 22 degrees but any more and i am done in for the day.I find its high humidity that makes me feel really bad,i can not function at all when its humid.

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Mrs J, I’ve spent the day at work in front of a fan…(listening to my jabbed staff hacking like a sixty a day smoker… :thinking: :thinking:)
Hope you cool down soon.


I don’t hate the sun but heat makes my symptoms much worse. Like mrsJ, anything above 22 degrees is a nightmare and will leave me wiped out. Oh the wonder of a decent cold breeze! You are not alone!!!

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Yup, you’re correct! The hot sunny weather can be a real enemy to MSers.

So many folk struggle with heat. It zaps me so quickly…in fact today I’ve already woken up knackered…even with a fan on all night!

I dont like cold weather either!

Not a fan of it either and not because it can make some of my residual MS symptoms worse.

Much rather be cold as then I could add a layer or 2 to warm up. When hot everything sticky/sweaty and makes me break out in big spots. That makes me feel dirty like I haven’t washed. I’m now showering once a day, morning as I don’t have the energy in the evening.

Been sitting with 2 fans cooling me down and even if I removed all my clothing I’d want to remove something else but there is nothing else. Running the fans is going to be expensive too.

Eyes dont like the glare. Feels like I’ve stared at the sun, bright lights from eye checks,for too long resulting in patchy vision for the next 5+ minutes.

Will say I was like that long before MS diagnosis. Besides the eyes anyway. Much rather be up a mountain at a Ski resort, even if not skiing, when it’s -

carraboy i got covid and it was more like a bad cold,i got it from my fully vaccinated partner,and he was much worse than me and he has long covid too.I had so much hassle because i refused the vaccines,even told it would probably kill me if i got it,:roll_eyes: i was called selfish and brainwashed,i am glad i followed my gut instinct not to have it.

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I got Covid before it was officially publicised, and i got a vold a few weeks back. The other staff got covid, bit i was negative, the only time I’ve bothered testing. Walk in the park. What they up to now ? Jib 5, 6? And they can have the monkeypox too… If they work so well, why dont they work ? :joy::rofl::joy: A pleasure, as always…

I need middle ground lol. If it’s too hot my legs are worse and if it’s too cold my legs are bad.