The Spoons Theory

My wife was directed to this by someone on her knitting forum (Ravelry).

Ok, it’s about Lupus, but the analogy holds for us. Stick with it, it does begin to make sense.

Apparently a lot of knitters keep saying about sending each other spoons, and when Ruth asked what they were all on about she was directed to this. And why were a bunch of knitting maniacs sending each other spoons? Because apparently a lot of the people on the forum are either carers or sufferers (not just of MS) and knitting is something that you can pick up and put down easily, take to do to while away the hours in hospital waiting rooms etc.

Of course, you can’t really do knitting if your hands don’t work, I’m not suggesting that. But the analogy may be useful the next time someone asks you how MS affects you.

Kev x

Hi Kev,

I have in the past used the spoon theory to try and explain to some people what its like living with ms, its a very good description, and covers a whole host of illnesses.

I have always been a knitter since I was knee high to a grasshopper, and find it so frustrating now with my hands, that I can only manage a little at a time, as it does pass the time in a productive way.

Hope all is OK with you, sunny here today.

Pam x

Hi Kev and Pam,

well it’s not sunny here in Scotland today, but it’s not cold and it’s not raining so it’s not all bad.

I have used the spoon theory for a while to explain to people like the kids, how I can’t just have 2 days of doing things at the weekend all day and then again at night, I don’t have enough spoons for that! If i want to go out at night the spoons I use to get ready means I have to rest through the day, or vice versa. It’s been a learning process for all of us.

A friend of mine has terrible psoriatic arthritis and suffers a lot, and it’s nice to send tiny spoons to each other, just as a reminder to say we are thinking about each other, to say if I could give you an extra spoon to help you I would. It’s such a kind thought.

I hope you are both well today, and if your in need of a spoon, I send one to you both!

Polly xxx

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So the spoons thing is already widely known? Good. I shall certainly use it from now on.

And thanks for that one, Polly. Should help me through the rest of today

Yes Kev, the spoons thing is so true

Sonia x