Invisible disability - you look so well!

This is article is spot on and fully describes what it can be like for us ppmser’s.

I hope the link works.

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That’s very good BL and yes…so true! I’m glad to see for once the flu like symptoms are included. I probably find those the most difficult as I just feel ill all the time. Thanks for posting. Pat xx

Thank u for that, it is a great article! I had to scoff at the daily shower thing, once again that is all very well if u have the strength or some help! Some do not. Good reading!!



There are now just so many things that we literally cannot do anymore, that people often fail to appreciate, such as;

Running, walking quickly, jumping, twisting and turning, gripping scurely for any length of time, tieing shoelaces, buttoning shirts, climbing ladders, standing on any raised platform without something to grip, climbing stairs without gripping a rail, ditto coming down stairs, cutting up food without causing a mess etc etc.

To the ‘you look fine’ comments I’m often tempted to shoot back with a barbed ‘sure, but I can’t run or walk quickly anymore, which is a bit annoying for somone who used to be a PE teacher’…but I don’t, because I’m too polite. But, boy, am I tempted!!!

Thanks for that BL, Great article! Wish it could be obligatory reading for all family and friends! Nina

That was possibly one of the most insightful pieces on ms I’ve read. I would imagine it was written by a sufferer. Thanks for that, might refer to it when trying to describe the illness to friends and family.

Cath xx

Hi everyone. Have just been told that PPMS the most likely outcome of my condition, affecting my walking. Still reeling and trying to get my head round this by finding out as much as possible. I self-diagnosed this a year ago but as all my tests have been negative, hoped that another diagnosis might result. Has anyone else been in this position of having a raft of negative tests but still ending up with the PPMS diagnosis?