The long slide down

Bottom of slide in sight.

Citizens Advice, Law Service, Acas and Brain Charity all done

Job now lost. No money.

PPMS taking me over as health worsens. Struggling with mental well being.

Relationship with my wife deteriorating. Pressure of my condition, 3 kids & finances too intense.

Medics leaving me to rot and fade away.

As those I thought were friends step back not forward, Im a 58 year old man that feels finished but probably not brave enough.

Cant even afford a trip to Switzerland.

Apologies for you reading this. But I have to get it out.


I was once where you are now. Believe me when I tell you that you are over the worse.

Its an unnecessary struggle and fight to get what you are entitled to. If you dont ask the right people you don`t get. It then feels like there is no help available because it involves finance to your benefit.

Well, after lots of research and questions Ive now got what Im entitled to and the pressure of finance has been removed.

I strongly believe that worsening symptoms are caused by financial stress and it should`nt be that way.

Unfortunately your`e on your own when it comes down to finance.

Stick with it.

Hello, Giova,

Sorry to hear you’re struggling, do you have friends or family members you can talk to? If you need to talk you can call The Samaritans on 116 213 or email

So sad to read your post. Please get help from the Samaritans. They will assist you.

Hi Glove You’re not on your own, most of us have been where you’re at. Please seek help, whether it’s the Samaritans or your GP. MS nurse may be able to help your claim for benefits. You won’t get wealthy on benefits but you can pay bills and they lead to other help eg council tax or housing benefit. Are you still with a union after leaving work as mine helped me claim successfully. Don’t give up, your situation isn’t unique but there is help available. Take care Cath

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Hi Giova

Please find the strength to speak to someone. Your in a dark place at the moment, but things can improve.

Take care

Pam x

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Thank you Scudger for your time, common sense words and support. Each day is different, some with clarity others murky.

All the very best


Hello Philip Q. Thanks for your advice. I will see if I can find the bravery to ring Samaritans. This is probably the number no one wants to ring.

Mall the best


Hello Marya

Thank you for the message. Samaritans seems like a bridge too far but probably because my usual inner strength has been ravaged by this unforgiving disease. Will do my best.

thank you


Hi Cath

Your advice is much appreciated and the safety in numbers ethos that comes through it.

Yes at the moment I still am with the union but had started to think about maybe cancelling. I wasn’t aware that they offered other help if not employed. Have not been with them long so new to it.

thanks again


Hello Pam

Much appreciated. Will do my best.


Hello Giova.

Sometimes it seems like the walls are too high. The testing of our character and resilience is unfair. Take whatever help you can. Don’t be afraid to ask. A lot of areas have groups to help people with disabilities. Do you have a local MS society branch? I’ve had a relationship breakdown with unreasonable demands put on me but I’m still kicking. It was a long road and I’m still on it.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hi again Giova. I hope you’re feeling a bit better now. My union had a financial department and they were fantastic. I got refused benefits and was on the verge of losing my house when someone recommended that I contact them and they were really helpful. They talked me through the application process and gave me their details to put on the forms, letting me know that if it went to appeal, they would go with me. Within a couple of weeks I heard back from the benefits agency, they’d written to the hospital where I had been treated and I got even higher rates than I expected. It’s worth a try, they have much more experience in claiming than anyone.

I have continued my union membership, as I’m medically retired it only costs me £10 a year and if I ever need help again they’ll be there for me. Speak to them, they may have a similar scheme.