'The life of pi' definitely not ms

Any body else looking forward to the film opening? saw the trailer yesterday, looks stunning, I am even going to the cinema for this one! rather than wait for DVD

Alison x

Oh, I’ve read the book, but didn’t even know it was being made into a film. I must have been living in a cave!

I would have thought it was quite challenging to film convincingly, as it’s no everyday kitchen-sink drama, is it?

Hope you enjoy it!

I’m always a bit wary of films where I’ve read the book, because it’s never quite as I imagined it, but sometimes they do a good job.



Hi Tina, absolutely loved the book, tried to get a new expression into common usage ’ I’m as hungry as Richard Parker’ lol, but seems it didn’t work! I agree about the film but it looks mazing, 3D and directed by Ang Lee critics seem to think it is true to the book and there seem to be very positive reviews.watched the trailer on digital spy US, I only found out a few weeks ago that it had been made (surprised I didn’t bump into you in that cave!) not been released here yet by the way.

Another ‘cave dweller’ - l shall be keen to see the film - as l can’t imagine -after reading the book - what the film will be like.