The joys of limitations


I was recently given a reminder by a very nice member of admin that putting the same posts on different forums m be construed asd spam. But I want to share my ramblings to spread peace, harmony and empathy. So here goes.

I could write a book about the trials and tribulations of life with MS. In fact we all could. As usual we’ll try to prise out the positives from the negatives. As with many conditions our lives evolve round problems and solutions. Here’s a related ramble if you wish to read it.

Best wishes, Steve

I enjoyed reading it Steve. I like the cooking programs on tv , I don’t watch much tv but Isabelle my youngest likes watching “dinner date” with me and “come dine with me” I watch some of the sheriff programs where people haven’t paid often I feel sorry for them but there are some hard faced people too and it makes me pleased to see justice. I love the good cop thing with your friends , they are true friends Steve those that make you feel good and push you out of your comfort zone but are there to help you when you need it all without making you feel patronized. Keep writing the blogs Steve, I always love reading them. Michelle and Frazer xx

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