Without Limits

The BBC1 documentary, on a group of diverse disabled people, travelling through Vietnam.

Watched a few episodes & it’s an inspiring watch. I wish I could cope with the heat. The locals seem far more civilised in the 3rd world, than the 1st world. It makes me want to travel. Great programme. The 16 hour flight to get there would probably kill me. I might just book a flight.

Take care out there, fellow sufferers.


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I saw a bit of it this week, it was very interesting Sonia x

That sounds good I haven’t watched it Terry but I’m going to get Lee to find it on catch up tv . I watched a documentary on a young girl with MND it was very inspiring, she was so positive and had such a lovely personality, her family were amazing too. Michelle and Frazer xx

I watched that too. It’s good when folks realise there’s problems & forget their ignorant selfish ways.

The No Limits has inspired me to get my mountain bike geared up, with an electric hub, for when my legs give up.

It’s a folding mountain bike too, so I can take it anywhere & it’s a lot less hassle than my wheelchair. There’s even folding & telescopic walking sticks. So I think it’s time to hit the road.


Terry, why not do summat similar but on a less energetic and faraway note?


I agree Polls, but trying to shake the gathering of scroungers outside anywhere I am, isn’t that easy. They seem to follow me. So I have to say, I don’t have PPMS. And they say I can’t ride a bike, drive a car or have job. I’m supposed to just sit in a room & die. If I jam on my keyboards, they hate that too. It’s like a mental institute has released everyone. They can brag about what they do though. I’m getting geared up to go places. Hopefully, I wont come back either. MS attracts some very odd people & I need to live. Driving is good though. Been some odd places, at odd times. I just have to be very careful. They are looking for an excuse. Why, I do not know. Who cares.

Do they actually camp outside your house and watch every move you make? How will you get away?


That’s the problem. They sit in taxi’s & follow me. Claiming they are only trying to help, at a cost. Posting their MS leaflets through my door, asking for donations. Wanting me to invite them into my home, to play in my sound studio. Obviously to raise awearness for MS. When I’m a stumbling example of what effect their selfish gain has on my PPMS. Which obviously, everyone has these days. Especially the fake friends. Not one person I have met, has PPMS. Yet they act out what I do quite well. This is why I watch TV & have nothing to do with local people. Asking for me to donate my possessions to raise funds for MS. I know it’s to buy themselves weed, but I ignore their fakery. My old GP who had mis-diagnosed me for years, was very well connected. He wanted to be the Mayor of the City & his relatives are MP’s, solicitors & chemists. Say’s it all really. They know how to fail & hide their mistakes. I’ve felt like my feet have been set in concrete for years. Maybe I should visit the local BBC Radio station like they do & spread the word. PPMS sucks & attracts vultures like a magnet.