The heat and LP results too.

Hi guys, I hope everyone is well and enjoying the lovely weather. Hopefully its not too hot to stick!

I haven’t posted in a while, I was at a music festival in Spain and I think I have slightly overdone it myself. It was far too hot and my mobility just went awol!!! I could hardly lift my right foot when walking and it felt like it was kicking out too, I was sooo conscious of it! Now I’m finding it hard to focus on things, especially when I’m reading. I’m wondering could this all just be due to too much heat, walking etc? Hmmm… Apart from that I had a blast!

Anyway, I arrived home to the results of my LP I had two months ago in Australia. Oligoclonal bands detected in CSF, but similar bands not detected in serum. I have done a bit of research of this all, but I’m just really really worried about it now :frowning: I have had only one attack, but MRI showed up lesions in different areas. Can anyone shead any light on the significance of these LP results.

Ash x

Hi Ash, your lumbar puncture was positive and 95% of people with MS will have a postive LP. It means that your immune system is active in your csf and not in your blood. A negative one is when there are matching bands in the blood and csf.

Your leg problems sound like spasticity, I have that too and I take baclofen which helps a little bit.

Have you an appointment to discuss your results with a neuro.

Take care

Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna,

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: Yes I understand that my LP results are positive. So really I do or will get MS eventually.

I am not on any current medication as I took my ‘attack’ in Australia and had all the tests done over there, I was just waiting on the LP results. I’ve had an apt with a neuro here at home already, but he wants to see me again now my results are through and also to check vit D, B levels etc. He also said it was my decision to have another MRI at the end of August, which will be three months from my first. I really don’t know what to do. If the LP results came back negative I was just going to forget about the whole thing and get on with my life and treat it as a one off isolated incident. Now I feel slightly different and more anxious of this positive result, should I have another MRI or will there even be much point? I want to go back to Australia again in Sept, but dont want to get ill again over there so maybe having the MRI now along with the positive LP means that I can go on some sort of medication? I am so confused and anxious about everything. My life has been turned upside down I just wanna cry!!! :frowning: (sorry for rambling).

Ash xx

Hi Ash and dont worry you are not rambling. A postive LP does not guarantee a definate dx of MS, if it did then they wouldnt need to do MRIs etc There is a proportion of people with a postive LP who do not have MS. I really do reckon that you should go for another MRI. If you dont then you probably wont get a dx of MS as you have only had one attack and you definately wont get DMDs after only one attack. The MRI may show further activity making you qualify for DMDs and then by taking them you will be doing something to slow the monster down.

There is also no reason why you cant go back to Australia. If you do feel unwell then just rest over there. It would be easier the next time as you would know what the problem was. Also they have great doctors out there who could help you.

Take Care

Moyna xxx

Hi Ash

Sorry to hear about your results and you’re bound to feel low and tearful. All you can do is take your time, accept any help and support you’ll get from family and friends and just live from day to day until you feel better. Consider contacting your gp if you continue to feel down as everyone will tell you that depression is very common in ms patients and you may feel benefits from taking an anti depressant. This forum’s also an excellent support network. I hope you get answers. Rest is also very important, so just taking everything one step at a time should benefit you. Take care.


Thank you guys for your replies. This forum really is a god send! I am going to have the further MRI come August, for peace of mind. I will go back to Australia maybe taking meds or knowing that I haven’t had any new lesions/activity. Either way, yes if I do fall ill again over there they will have all my records on file as I was in hospital for 10 days and the care was excellent.

It is just a shock recieving these results as I have been using Dr. Google (of course) and doing my own research and I know that the majority of people over 90% with oligoclonal bands active in the csf and not the serum have MS :frowning:

Ash xx