the greatest (not MS)

Hi guys, i am saddened this morning on hearing the news of the death of one of my all time favourite singers..........Whitney Houston.

What a beautiful, talented singer she was. Back when my body performed as i wanted it to, I went to an aerobic class where we jigged to `How will I know?`

To me, all time her best song was `The Greatest Love of All`. Some of the lyrics fit with MS/whatever; for me anyway.


`Long ago I decided never to walk in anyone`s shadow

If I fell If I succeed, no matter what they take from

they can`t take away my dignity

learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all`.........

I have read on here how so many of us feel less worthy, devalue ourselves etc, due to being overwhelmed by our condition.

We are all worth as much, if not more than everyone else.

What doesn`t kill us, makes us stronger.

Believe in yourselves my dear friends.

RIP Whitney

luv Polly xxxx....


Yes Poll; she was an outstanding artist.  With Thelma Houston as her mum and Dion Warwick as her auntie no wonder she had a voice like she had.


I’m sorry but I blame Bobby Brown; before their marriage she was great.  He has been strong enough to get out of the drugs; she was obviously not strong enough; mind you, you need a good mentor.


Let’s remember her for the great songs she sang. RIP Witney.



Thanks George. You`re the first to reply…thought no-one else liked her!

Yes, it was Bobby Brown`s fault…now their daughter is using too. I hope she realises what it did to her mum and she quits asap.

I prefer to remember Whitney as she was…incredible!

luv Pollx

Yes, very sad. Whitney was part of my life when I was at uni. I’ll always remember her for that.

Teresa xx

Hi Poll

Yes it's such a waste of a huge talent.....along with Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse.

May she rest in peace.

Linda x

Indeed…thry`ll all be up there singing to the crowd.

luv Pollx