The 'flu jab, a warning.

Today, my wife and I went for our annual flu jab.

She got the needle, and I did not.

Nurse asked the routine question: "Are either of you on antibiotics?*
My response of “Yes” meant come back another time.

Now I am halfway through a one week course of antibiotics, for something that is all too common in MS circles - the dreaded UTI. Wednesday I had a session with a Urology consultant - and this included taking a sample of urine with me. It seems that whatever the nurse looks for when she does a quick check was just over the line into the UTI area. The sample is now in the lab for a full analysis, and I have to take the tablets “just in case”.

So, do remember that antibiotics and the flu jab are a no-no.


Never been specifically asked that!

Always asked the much more general: “Are you well?” To which my usual answer is: “Well no, I’m never well - I have MS. Which is why I need the flu’ jab. But if you mean: ‘Do I have an infection?’, then no, I don’t think so.”



Does that mean that as I’m always on low course of antibiotics to prevent UTI, that I won’t be able to have flu jab?

Hi Sarah
You must ask this question of your GP or. failing that, of a practice nurse.
My gut reaction would be to stop several days before the flu jab, and not start for a few days after.
That is based on a feeling that a dose of flu is really unpleasant, while a UTI should respond to a standard course of antibiotics.
My antibiotics run out on Wednesday morning, so I would probably be OK by Saturday. However, I have an appointment with the cardiac nurse in two weeks so I may play safe and see if it can be done then,
Do ask your surgery - or even a pharmacist.