flu jab should i have it

i am going for my flu jab on saturday but today i,ve started sneezing and my nose is constantly running.unsure on whether i should have the jab or not any advice please.

I don’t think they’ll do it if you have a cold, will they? Not sure exactly what the implications would be if they went ahead, but they always seem keen to check you don’t have an infection.

The jab season is open for another few weeks yet - most of October, I think. Couldn’t you postpone?


Go along to have it and mention how you feel when you get there. They might then delay it 2 or 3 weeks.

But do make sure you have it when you are ready. I have mine next Thursday afternoon and cannot wait. The prospect of having a dose of flu and everything else that goes with it - my eyesight goes about 25%, the spasms and pain in my left leg are atrocious, and that’s just the start…

I agree with Tina, I’m sure they ask if you are well before they administer it. Perhaps you could ring them up today and ask for advice? That way, if they don’t think you are fit enough to have it now, they can cancel it and have the chance to give the appointment to someone else and book you in for a week or so when you are over this cold.


I was just at the Doc’s about a non MS thing and asked about it and he did it there and then. I suppose it was obvious I didn’t have a cold or infection, but he didn’t ask.

You can have flu jab with a cold, I’ve done that a few times even mentioned it to nurse and she said its fine. If you have a high temperature then give it a miss.