The darkness gets a little lighter.

Met my MS nurse for the first time yesterday.

What a nice person!

Explained lots of things that I didn’t understand about my new condition and gave me lots of things to read.

Since my diagonsis, just before Xmas (!), I seem to have come to terms with what’s happening to me and I don’t wake up suddenly in the middle of the night thinking 'xxxx! I got MS!" though it looks like my plan to cycle from Lands End to John o’Groats this year might be out of the window now.

Or maybe not…


If not this year, maybe next :slight_smile:

Karen x

Hello There…My first post…Having looked at some of the posts on this site it really is quite amazing that we all have the exact same things that have happened to us since being diagnosed. I also have a fantastic MS Nurse and really can relate to what you said about waking up during the night and realising you have got the condition, but this will ease in time. I am also a road cyclist and believe it or not the first thing that came into my mind was i might not be able to cylce anymore…but i’m still cycling away, i find that this has helped me…don’t ever give up…you will get there in the end.All the very best to you and good luck.


Hi, it`s good to know you have a good MS nurse. Those bods are worth their weight in gold, when you get a good one.

As Jack says, dont give up on activities without trying your utmost to keep them.

As happens in most things with MS, you may have plenty of strength and ability to cycle one week, but not the next.

Welcome to you too Jack.

luv Pollx