The brick wall...

…has been hit. When I got my diagnosis at the end of January I was really upbeat, brave face put upon everything and still greeted with a smile. This past week though I’m getting tired of it and it’s just a pain. Hopefully this lifts after I go in for my Lemtrada infusions…fingers crossed anyways.

still early days for you.

you’re supposed to go through a grieving process but i didn’t either.

lemtrada has made a huge difference to a lot of people with ms so look forward to feeling good again.

good luck and practise smiling

carole xx


yes very early days.

hope treatment is good for you but don’t expect miracles.

re wall-go through it! Inside I am dancing is a brill film re viewing life differently.

take care, give yourself time.


No miracles are expected, just improvements. I feel I just need a few weeks away from people and social outings. I’m always the happy go lucky, wise cracking one in a group of friends and it was getting tough to still be that person. I could go along and be one of the quiet ones but that just isn’t me and that would feel wrong, almost as if I was cheating on myself! Ha! I’ll be fine a few weeks, I’ll be back to being me :slight_smile: just learning to adjust to things, thanks all :slight_smile:


all that is understandable

a few weeks? remove the time limit! you are still you now-we are all changing/adapting daily so just add ms to your list…

take care

Hi, back when I was diagnosed, I applied to go on the Campath (Lemtrada) trial. I knew one or two people via the web who got their lives back. If it works as it should, your MS could go into total remission for 10 years.

I wish I’d been able to get on the trial.

As for that darned wall… I’m fully nose against it! I went back to work after 12 years away and find it difficult to recharge my inner batteries. I’m also on Fampyra, which at least helps me stand up for longer.

It’s the end of semester concert this week and I’m working 5 hours without breaks and performing as well as teaching and it’s hell. I joined a church choir to meet people and it’s all go after this Sunday. I wonder how on earth I’m going to get through it all, but the best thing to do is rest. I get so tired that I can’t even watch tv.

See if you can have a day with no activity or stimuli. It helps and I really hope you get your life back on track after your first Lemtrada infusion. Your immune system will be lowered for a while, so keeping away from other people will help.

Eating well and resting is your best option. I hope you get great results from Lemtrada as well.

best wishes,


I’ve had a phone call from the hospital earlier telling me I’ll be getting my date tomorrow. That alone feels like the albatross around neck has been removed!!

Glad the appointment is sooner for you.

Things will go up and down for a while, sometimes are better than others.

Dont beat yourself up for having a rough time. It aint your fault.

Lots of tlc needed…and deserved!

luv Pollxx