The Bradford Scale

Hi Has anyone else had ‘the Bradford Scale’ mentioned to them at work in regard to how much time they have had off as sick because of their MS? My manager was discussing my work intention with me today, I have recently gone back to work after 9 weeks on a phased return, I had not heard of this scale before but it seems to be a type of risk assessment to have much work they are going to get out of me!! I brief look into it does state the disability related sick leave should not necessarily be class as sick leave. For example people who just seem to have every Monday off because they can’t be bothered to get over their weekend should be counted as having a reliability problem, where as disabled people who physically unable to get up are being penalised!! Sorry to ramble (and rant a bit) but I’m confused. I have been taking Rebif since August and suffer from horrendous headaches,fatigue and weakness as well as very painful sensitive skin on injection days and feel that my time at work may be limited again, now I’m frightened to go sick again. :? :?: Jess

Just beein nosying around and yes I went to Wikepedia! “The British Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and 2005 (DDA), creates a duty on employers to tailor their actions to the individual circumstances of disabled employees. As certain disabilities may lead to a greater likelihood of short-duration absences or to a higher total of days of absence, caution is needed in taking action as a consequence of the data generated from the application of the Bradford Factor. The DDA allows disabled employees to request ‘reasonable adjustments’ in situations where they are disadvantaged by generic processes, failure to provide these reasonable adjustments, or to adequately justify why they cannot be provided, may leave the employer open to civil action for breach of the DDA in an Employment Tribunal. Reasonable adjustments in the case of the Bradford Factor might include recording Disability-Related Absence separately from Sickness Absence, or individually tailoring targets. Reasonable adjustments may also be requested by disabled employees for relief from any negative consequences of application of the Bradford Factor, such as disciplinary action or reduced salary awards.” Hope this helps. FYI there is a long article on wikepedia on how the Bradford scale works Good luck with the HR hounds! Clarexxx