The body beautiful

You know that scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark when he’s in the cabin escaping on an old lugger?

After days of constant battling and battering, he’s complaining about all his aches and pains before uttering that great line “it’s not the age, it’s the mileage.”

That’s how I feel. By MS standards, I’ve been through far more with falls, house moves and broken wheelchairs.

Another day, another bruise to discover.

My new flat will be ideal, eventually. I’m just getting used to the new dawn chorus. Obviously, I still have the beauty of the blackbird and the squeezed piped tones of the bluetits but now I also have the warblings of my time-honoured neighbours.

It beats the raucous symphonies of a main road.

Time to sit back, contemplate the surrounding chaos and let the football and tennis put the pains on the back boiler.

So good to see Serena back yesterday. Wimbledon’s not the same without her.


Hi Steve

Glad the move has taken place, time to rest I should think and take stock. Is it a place that you are already familiar with, or is it a place to discover and have plenty of adventures for you?

I hope it will be better and more suited to your needs Steve, and that it quickly feels like home.

Enjoy the tennis I do, but the football takes priority for me, specially tonight, I will be cheering the lads on hopefully to victory.

I will be so glad when the temperature starts to fall and we can all feel a tad more human.

Pam x