the awful truth

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Catching up with diagnosis truth news … MS definitely confirmed by cervical thoracic MRI. ‘Contrast’ brain scan on 24th.
Baclofen at night plus glass of wine (OK’d by my neurologist “unless you are plastered”) = Spasms eased at night.
Progressive MS 1ry 2ndry?? according to this guy is academic it will progress speed unknown … I’ve escaped in ignorance, with minor symptoms, for so long. Optic neuritis 50 years ago probably the first sign. :open_mouth: WOW!
My husband’s leg massages work a treat to loosen my rock hard calf muscle.
My GPs comment was “(removed by moderator).happens” … so true :cry:

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wobblyMa, as far as I can remember, you win the prize for the longest spell between first MS symptom and diagnosis, and you’re competing in a strong field there, I assure you.

We all need a good team around us and it sounds as though you have that covered: a good man by your side and some sensible-sounding medical advisors sounds like a great support network.

Wow! 50 years between first symptom and a diagnosis. Has to be some sort of a record.

Trouble is, when it comes to medication, you may find it hard after such a long time. I was misdiagnosed for years (a fraction of your timescale), so there is indecision whether I’m SP or PP. There is one drug for SP (siponimod) and one for PP (ocrelizumab) licenced in the UK but they’ll sit on the fence and do nothing rather than commit to one solution or the other. You may also be disqualified from meds because of age, level of disability or time since diagnosis or time since supposed first instance.