Finally diagnosed but diagnosis changed in 3 months

Hi I’m Mairead I’m 57 and I’ve known for about 15 years I had MS my mammy and granny had it and I was their main carer so how could I not know I have been trying to get referred to a neurologist for at least a decade but 2019 really brought my health issues to a head. I ended up in hospital with infected cellulitis which turned to sepsis and pneumonia one of the doctors there listened to me and I got my GP to refer me to a neurologist I had an MRI done in August RRMS was confirmed had an appointment oni Saturday just gone with a really nice neurologist and he confirmed that he looked at the MRI and judging my symptom and the white matter I have had MS for at least 20 years almost to the same age my mammy got it and that it was no longer RRMS but was now SPMS so there you go this is me oh and I was also diagnosed in November with rheumatoid arthritis psoriatic if I was a car I would seriously fail my MOT on no treatment for the MS waiting for next rheumatologist appointment to see if they give me anything as my hands are useless and bent with the inflammation hope I didn’t bore anyone

Hi Mairead, wow 20 years eh? I`ve had spinal PPMS for 22 years and was only recently diagnosed too! Hubby has RA…had it for about 30 years! He injects ENBREL weekly and it is in remission according to his blood markers. You didnt bore me chick! Boudsxx

Wow, I do not know what to say, all this time. I am so glad to hear the doctors listened to you ( not that you have MS). You always knew but I wish they had picked up earlier maybe you could of slowed everything down. I am sorry you have other health conditions too. All I can say is stay strong. I hope you get all the support you need. Lina