Thatre..(again!) not ms

Went to see Toddler on the roof Tues on whoops! Fiddler lol, predictive text! Was told to take blue badge, needed to park, so took picture on phone, did anybody even ask or look! No of course not I wonder how many people abuse their system! Enjoyed it, very small theatre (The Playhouse) I’d forgotten quite how many great songs there are in it, Still a tear at the end. Also saw the attempt tea, bus tour, thought,that would be a great with sisters(2) and mother but routemasters aren’t accessible or are they?

Tiddler on the Roof might sound fishy.

Midler on the Roof would be a sure Bette

Riddler on the Roof! Holy Musicals Batman!


Toddler on the furniture sounds sticky.

(I love Fiddler on the Roof.)