Thanks everyone

Had first neuro appointment on Saturday and took your advice, list of symptoms etc, what a big help. I went blank! Neuro listened, examined me and gave me 3 potential diagnoses, either MS, FM with CFS, or spinal cord damage. He is sending me for another MRI, LP and VEP which you have explained, also helpful I might add. He was very thorough, factual and though blunt, he promised he would give me a proper dx even though he probably couldn’t ease my symptoms.

I was terrified he would fob me off with depression as my GP tried to do. Your support and advice to date has been so positive and I hope to continue visiting this forum as so many of my symptoms are discussed here.

Thanks everyone xx

Very glad it went well. Never underestimate the power of a list, lol! Karen x

Hi, glad the appointment was good. Also glad this site has helped you.

luv Pollx

Thanks Karen and Poll. It’s a long tiring journey, which is smoother for some, very difficult for many others, all I can say is that I’m glad I took advice and wrote lists and had a neuro who did what was expected and took the time to listen, examine and explain. My heart goes out to those less fortunate. This forum gives advice but more importantly is the support and love shared when needed.

Take care

Min xx