Thank you for standing by me

Last night I went out for a few drinks after work, I don’t actually work on Fridays but I joined up with colleagues at the pub (and I only had orange juice, lol). This was for the HR manager who was retiring. He employed me 17 years ago. Anyway, as people started to drift away, I got the chance to speak to the HR manager on my own, and I thanked him for standing by me, after all it was 1995 when I was diagnosed and I don’t think there were quite as many discrimination laws in force as there are today. He said there was no reason not to really, he also said that my female boss at the time had also been instrumental in standing by me. So, there you have it, sometimes people do stand by you. Anyway, feeling quite emotional today, HR man was lovely, I’m going to miss him, and I can’t believe it’s been all these years Came home and asked my husband why he had also stood by me, but he didnt really answer, lol. Cheryl:)

Hi Cheryl

Great to hear! When I was diagnosed my Boss was fantastic as well. I was the only one in the place with a stool,the rest had to stand. As time went on and life was becoming more difficult for me she even let me choose my own hours! When it was evident that I could no longer work at all then she kept me on the sick as long as she could,gave me chance to sort out finances at least.

Its nearly 5 years since I left and we are still in touch, in fact catching up with her next month as its her birthday

Lovely understanding folk DO exist.

Ellie x

What a lovely post! Wishing him a lovely retirement.

Perhaps your husband just embarrassed to spell it out. He obviously does stand by you, so no explanation necessary.

Pat x

That’s really great, what a lovely story, there are definitely some lovely supportive people out there, bosses included!

Mine asked to speak to me yesterday - after my initial panic on what on earth I could’ve done wrong or said inappropriately to a child, she actually asked if I ever felt like I just needed to stop and go home. I answered “yes quite often, most particularly Thursday lunchtimes after a completely full teaching morning”. I said I was keen to press on and prove I’m not a liability. She said they’d been talking about me and want to put something in place so that I can do just that. They want to support me totally so I can carry on with my job. Amazing, I’m overwhelmed by the kindness.

Let’s hear some more about the good people out there…


Hi Cheryl, that is all so lovely to read. yes, you have very lucky to be treated in such a way.

Hope his replacement is as good. you deserve to be treated well

luv Pollx.

Thanks folk, Glad you had a good experience too Ellie, Pat, yes think my husband was embarrassed, he isn’t the worlds greatest conversationalist , lucky I make up for that , lol. Debc, sounds like you are getting lots of support too. Rapunzel, that parking space sounds great, yes isn’t it funny how that sort of thing always seems to get someone’s back up, almost as if they resent it’s not them, don’t worry about it. Poll, think I’ll send the ex boss down to sort out your direct payments people, lol. Cheryl:)