Thank you all

As in my previous post ,got back to work and have 95% of my life back Still awaiting DX but hey ho Just wanted to say over the last 6 mths especially in the early days I was in a bad place with this, didn’t know what was happening , what was going to become of me …worries etc. I can honestly say without you guys on here for support I wouldn’t be as strong as I am , so what ever the future holds for me I’ll deal with it , together with you lot, my new friends. So thank you so much and keep doing what your doing Gray xxxxx

There`s safety in numbers someone said!

United we stand (cant do that anymore, but you know what I mean!), devided we fall…(lots of us know about falls)

It`s great news to hear you are getting stuff sorted.

Good on yer, but do remember to pace yourself and not try to do too much at once.

God loves a tryer, y`know…so do I!

luv Pollx