TFI Friday special looming

Anyone going to be watching the anniversary special on Friday?

I probably will, unless I completely forget about it, of course!. I’m kind of interested to see if I still enjoy it. I’m hoping it’ll be fun, and not seem naff. A lot of things are when you see something again, that you used to enjoy years ago, aren’t they? I’m hoping the content will be good, and not hackneyed old rubbish. Only one way to find out if the team’s still got it though, isn’t there!

Thank you for reminding me, I’m going to record it Fingers crossed it’ll be good and I think Clarkson is going to be on it

Sonia x

You’re welcome! I’ll be surprised if it’s not good, but I don’t want to raise my expectations too far either. There’s bound to be some OMG moments, if Clarkson’s going to be on it he’ll provide some of them, I’m sure! lol!

Should be some good music, too :slight_smile: Liam Gallagher, Roger Daltrey and more forming TFI Friday supergroup | Liam Gallagher | The Guardian

Maybe Clarkson will knock Chris Evans out?now that’s worth taping hehe. ;0)

OH! Yeah you never know! xD They’re honestly not gonna mind if something like that happens, are they, so they can be splashed over the tabloid headlines the next day.

Oh oh!! Maybe…Clarkson can punch Liam Gallagher! Now that I’d enjoy! ;D

As a lifelong pacifist I would actually pay to see that. Only kidding of course, but perhaps I’m getting a bit intolerant in my old age as I find all 3 of those men to be insufferable ar$eh*les who crave the oxygen of publicity and believe normal rules of behaviour don’t apply to them because of their media status.

Therefore probably won’t be watching… sincerely hope anyone who does watch enjoys it!

Miserable old man fluffyollie xx

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Well, l am looking forward to it - l used to love TFI friday. Something l watched with my daughter - back in the day!!!

I’m definitely looking forward to it. It should be entertaining no matter what. The reason why it’s entertaining could be wide and varied though, it’s got to be said! But I’m gunning for good reasons. :smiley: