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I’ve only just found this forum. I’m looking for some advice if that’s OK. Been having symptoms on and off since last year when I had tests done for heart problems as hereditary. They all came back clear thankfully but the heaviness in my right arm continued plus other symptoms of dizziness/vague feeling, shooting pains in my head, Nausea and tiredness although I put this down to shift work, I’ve had memory problems for quite a while. I had an mri on Tuesday (3 days ago) so no results yet but the day after at work I started experiencing a tremor right through my right arm to my fingers which resulted in being sent home sick. They have continued a few times but not as bad as the first one. I went back to the GP even though the results won’t be back as the tremors are worrying me and he has prescribed be anxiety medication. I’m feeling really frustrated at the moment and wordered if anyone can relate or have any advice on this.

Thank you for reading if you got this far.


hi andy

you’re at the worst part right now.

scary symptoms and they are really freaky.

amitriptyline is used for anxiety and depression and is also used as a neuropathic painkiller.

i don’t know if your GP would be able to prescribe it for you but it’s worth asking.

meanwhile you’ll have to practice patience and wait for the results of your MRI.

distraction is the best way to cope, so read a good book, watch a film or the match.

mindfulness meditation is brilliant and can be used for pain.

carole x

Hi Carole

Thanks for your reply. I did go back to my doctor when the tremors started who prescribed me citalopram because he said I look anxious. Course I look anxious I worried about my symptoms. I have taken them for a couple of days but no change as yet. I forgot to mention before my daughter age 16 was diagnosed type 1 diabetic at age 3 and I know there is a link between these 2 auto immune conditions.