MRI this week

Hi everyone I’ve never posted in a forum before ever but I feel so lost at the moment I’m not where to turn. Around 4 years ago I suddenly felt exhausted and dizzy and struggled to move. I went to the Drs and had bloods etc done. I had low vitamin D but everything else was fine. After about 4 weeks I felt better, went back to work and dismissed it as a virus. I developed a tremor in my right hand soon after this that I have had continually since. Just over a year later I had a very similar attack, although this time the dizziness was worse and had some odd sensations in my right hand. Same thing happened, bloods done low vitamin d. I was signed off for 4 weeks at which point I felt like I was improving so went back to work. Again dismissed it as a virus although I did have concerns that it may be something else. I’ve been ok since until this year. In February I began really noticing that my cognition and memory were declining and my tongue developed a tingling sensation. I have a very complex job that requires a great deal of brain power and I started to really struggle. At the end of the summer the exhaustion hit again. Except this time it came with the worst neuropathic pain in my right foot and hand along with a tingling feeling in them, and weakness and a loss of feeling in my right hand. The tremor in my hand became much worse. I’ve had awful periods of random intense burning pain in my knees and elbows. Generally the symptoms have always been in my right side. This week I’ve began to experience the tingling in my left hand. My Dr prescribed me amitriptyline 5 weeks ago and I have an mri scheduled this week, he has referred me to a neurologist and thrown some conditions about, 1 of which is MS. I’ve been off work for 6 weeks now and I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to be able to go back, ive never felt so awful in my life. I feel drained of any energy and am experiencing such horrible sensations that it feels like I have no control over my own body anymore. I’ve written all this and I’ve realised I’ve not even asked a question. I just feel lost

I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone. So much of what you say sounds familiar, including the bit about having a job that really tests your mental abilities, and therefore my decline in that area over the last couple of months has been very noticeable. I’ve not had to take a chunk of time off work yet but have had to significantly reduce my workload and responsibilities while I’m going through tests to try to work out what’s going on.

I have had an appointment with a neurologist and have a head and C-spine MRI St the end of next week. MS was mentioned in passing by the GP and I think my pattern of symptoms over the last 4 years fit, but the neuro is sure all my symptoms are caused by silent migraines.

Good luck with the MRI Anonymous. A lot of your symptoms are similar to what I’m going through at the moment. I’m still waiting to see neurologist, but my brain, neck and lumbar spine MRI scans were clear My most bothersome symptom is it’s like I’m wading through water, which results in me relying on crutches. Not ideal if you do walking for a job! I’ve been off work sick since the end of July, not entirely sure I will ever get back, or if I’ll be paid off through Ill health retirement… Anyway good luck with the MRI scan, hopefully it gives you a diagnosis and treatment plan