Just testing something as im having probs posting some comments on other threads.

How strange That seemed to work

Not it didnt !!! Whats going on

Hi Dave, I think it’s cos they’re still try to get rid of the damned kitchen spammers.

But your posts are on… so no worries…

Pat x

Hi Dave How you doing? Fancy a kitchen?!!! They’ve PM’d me in the past!!! Al

my messages are on here now… but when i posted them, they didnt show up. It just said: unpublished Time delay maybe … haaaa

Doooooh, doing it again. It only seems to happen when i ad a smiley to a post.

They are being checked in case you are a spammer Dave. A pain I know!

Pat x (as Al says, wanna buy a new kitchen LOL)

Apologies for any frustration Dave. There’s all sorts of tiresome moderation and protocol in place, in order to keep spam out. I’m having to check posts manually- which is why it’s a tad slow in catching up. Or perhaps it’s me that slow. Anyway- you should have no probs now.

Kind regards

Stewart (admin)