Terrific pain this morning following MRI yesterday.

Diagnosed with SPMS Christmas Eve. I had another MRI yesterday on head, neck and spine. Was in there for a reasonable time and experienced the usual discomfort with remaining stationary throughout. When they had finished, I couldn’t move with back and neck pain. Aches & Pains eased over time after I started moving about, which is fairly normal for me. It didn’t help that I had a 1 hour drive home sitting in a car on the M1 on a Friday evening.

I took the normal medication last night and had a broken nights sleep.

This morning, I was on so much pain all down my back, with new sensations, involuntary movements and general difficulty controlling movement of my left leg. Even moving my eyes felt uncomfortable, although my vision doesn’t seem to be affected. During the day, the movement has started to return to normal, so I’m not unduly worried about that,

My last MRI was back in 2013, I guess the question I have is regarding the aches and pains. It feels like I’ve been thumped all over my sides and back, but I can’t see any bruising etc. Is this to be expected ? Have others had similar experiences.

I’m hoping it all just side effects to the magnetic fields involved.



MRI is completely painless. Yes there are powerful magnets, but unless you have any metal in your body, you won’t have any pain from the MRI. The pain you’d get if you did have metal in or on you would be burning, precisely where the metal is.

Were you diagnosed with RRMS following the 2013 MRI? And then re-labelled in December? I’m surprised you weren’t MRI’d before the neuro re-diagnosed you.


Following initial MRI back in 2013, MS was mentioned in the following consultation with the Neuro, but nothing further was said or done.

Over the last two years, I’ve had numerous problems, which resulted with many many blood tests etc. Then followed another Neuro referral but no MRI prior to the SPMS diagnosis. Now had 2nd MRI (as detailed earlier) and referal to the MS clinic.

He went all through my records and said he believes I’ve been in RRMS for many years (earliest episode was loss of vision for a time in 1998). He said MRI was just to rule everything else out. Whatever that means ??!?

I was surprised at what he said, and the diagnosis he arrived at, now that I’ve been doing more research, so much fits for the last 20 years with my experiences.

I’m hoping the pain is simply related to lying still for so long, every locks up and I’m unable to move my muscles, particularly on my left side.

The pain is now returning to my normal levels, which is a relief.


To be honest, I don’t really know what to think.

I’m not diagnosed but I have had two MRIs, I did not feel a thing during or after the sessions. I am now waiting for my next MRI, which I hope I will have soon.

Sorry I can’t help you, may be you got extra stiff staying still and your body is paying you back for it. I know when I don’t move around for a while I get a lot of pain and my joints get stiff.


I now believe it was simply down to remaining still in one position. Today I’m back to normal aches and dull pains rather then those I was experiencing yesterday.


next time you have an mri ask for a foam wedge to put under your knees.

last time i had one, the nurse reminded me to keep very still but she noticed that my legs were uncomfortable and popped a wedge under my knees.

it made a whole lot of difference.

Excellent point Carole, I have no chance of staying on a scanner bed without a wedge pillow under my knees. I’d forgotten that, and yet I always ask for one if the staff don’t offer.


I didn’t have anything under my knees, perhaps that didn’t help me either. Now I think about it, I did on my 1st MRI.

Pain today has returned to normal levels, so am much happier. :slight_smile: