Hi everyone. I was diagnosed 2011 with relapse remitting MS. My firat med beimg avonex. I then came of it to start a family and thankfully i have a gorgeous 16 month old baby girl. After having her i decided i wanted to try tablet form ratjer than injection and so i started tacfidera. At first barr a few sysmptoms everything was going well but slowly went down hill. My consultant then decided to tale me of it for a few months as my body had taken a serious beating with new symptoms. I have been of meds for 3 months and have felt great but need to be on meds as i have 2/relapses in the last year. Really hoping to get some feedback or advice. My main issue is mobility. I am struggling everyday to carry out any daily chores or activities as my walking is deteriorating rapidly. I cannot walk any distance now and use 2 crutches aswell. I tend not to go out myself anymore as i have had numerous falls. My consultant is now wanting me to start Teriflunomide. I wanted to ask if anyone has tried this med and how they found it 're side effects etc. Any advice or feedback would be massively appreciated. Q

I’ve been on Aubagio for 11 months now after having issues with my lymphocyte levels on Tecfidera. It’s easy to take as it’s a one a day tablet so I keep it by my bedside & take it last thing at night after reading somewhere you would sleep through any issues. My only symptoms have been more frequent stools (5 a day) in the early days (4 months) followed by my hair falling out in handfuls between month 5 & 9! Oh also my nails are very brittle and soft & split quite badly. I have an appointment with my neuro on 15th feb as I believe I’ve had a sensory relapse while on it - I started getting electric shock stabbing pains in my head (which I’ve had previously as part of a huge relapse which had me hospitalised for 2 weeks previously), my whole face went numb, I lost all my taste buds and I struggled with my speech. I had a meeting with an on call neuro in December who said it sounded like a migraine!!! However, he still ordered me an mri which I had on New Years Day, but apparently it’s come back fine with no progression or any active lesions. Which is obviously good, so not sure what my neuro will be advising when I see him. Good luck x Sharon x

Not had any problems with aubagio. Been the best ms medicine to keep me symptoms free.

Hi I’m currently on Tecfidera my first few months weren’t too bad some hives but disappeared after taking antihistamines also a few flushes etc so generally ok. However this week I have been played with Hives which have gradually got worse as the week progressed big red ones down insides of my theighs and smaller ones over my arms this time the antihistamines haven’t got rid of them they have reduced the itching slightly but sleeping is not to good at the moment. I’m contacting my ms Nurse tomorrow to see what she suggests if I have to come off I will probably choose Aubagio for my next DMD, I feel ok apart from that. Ann x