TENS machines

Hi all,

My dad has had MS for over 25 years and has been in a wheelchair for 20. He cannot walk at all and cannot move his legs. i was away with him and my mother and wife at the weekend and saw first hand how difficult it is becoming for them both as my mum and dad are getting older and are not as strong.

We were talking and he told me about a machine he used once or twice at the physio. They put his legs into it and it pulled at his legs. I think it was electrical. he loved it. Is this something you can buy?

I tried searching the internet and all i could find was TENS machines at around 50 pounds. Are these TENS machines good for MS sufferers? Would it be worth buying for my dad?

Many thanks

Hi I think the machine your dad is talking about is called MediMotion. it is a bicycle affair, which can be used on legs or arms or both.

I once enquired about it and found the cost to be prohibitive at £3k!!!

Regarding tens machines…I have one and doubt it will help much. They deliver electrical impulses to a specific area, where there is pain or discomfort. In my own experience, it is good when it is on, but gave me no lasting effect.

These machines can be bought quite cheaply and it may be worth a try, as some things work differently on different people.

luv Pollxx

ps. as a 2nd thought, would it help to start thinking about getting outside help in? I do and use Direct Payments to pay for it. My hubby was my sole carer for years and was adamant it was his job to care for me by himself.

I had to go behind his back and organise help, and he now appreciates it.

I’ve got a Circulation Booster which I’ve had for a couple of years, and which I’ve recently started using again. My physio said it was good for MS but it does wear my calf muscles out.