Telling others

I was diagnosed just over a year ago. My husband and children know and a few people at work. I cannot find the way to tell my mum or sister. I am sure they will panic and as we don’t live nearby I don’t see them very often.

Sometimes I think I should tell them and then I think why worry them?

Is it best not to say and hope I am not having an off day when I see them!

Hey, so I told my Mum and Brother at the time of my diagnosis four years ago.My mum doesn’t get or understand the condition (she is in her eighties) and rarely asks me how I am feeling or coping with everything. We just mainly always chat about her health problems all the time - lol

I haven’t spoken to my Brother since I revealed my diagnosis to him four years ago. We were never really close growing up, he was a selfish tw8t who never did anything for anyone and was pretty sly with it. I don’t see it as a loss, peoples true colours come out in the end. I am better off being around people who want to spend time with me rather than somebody who just wants to see what they can get from me.

I have told a few people I work with and they don’t have a clue about the condition so don’t really care or understand.

At the end of the day people will come and go but the diamonds will shine brightly…

Dear Foxygirl,

Try to be kind to yourself and not worry too much. There is no right or wrong and I know that the MS society do a free booklet on the subject.

Maybe though, if you let things go on too long, your mum and sister might miss out on supporting you?

I did feel that I made a mistake though. I found out about my diagnosis and told the people closest to me. We all got used to it. And one day, without warning, I just blurted it out to my sister in law and she wept and wept. I had simply forgotten that I had got used to my condition and others had not.

warmest thoughts

Ali x

Best way to tell em to come straight out with it. Possibly look at leaflets from the MS Society first and maybe pass them on to family. They will have questions and probably not much understanding at first but if you are close, even if not geographically, let them know.

I told everyone I had contact with pretty much as soon as I had the diagnosis. If they ask any questions I answer them. If they have drifted away (which some have), I leave them to it. If they understand and want to help I know they’re there if I need them. Some people were upset - but so was I so we dealt with it together. This condition really does show you who your true friends are. Treasure the good ones and let the rest go. Huggggs Juls

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