What to tell & when to tell.

My symptoms have been going on and getting progressivly worse for the past year.

I only told my husband about the GPs suspicion that I may have MS a couple of weeks ago, at the moment I can only see his backside as his head is so far buried in the sand. Some men really do needthings spelled out, he said ‘oh so when you told that guy that you were too sore to dance that was for real?’ :-/

I had to tell my boss as I have had time off and am really struggling just now.

A workmate has guessed, she had a friend who reciently died (unrelated reasons) and she had MS.

And another workmate has a sister with MS and she too asked if that was what was wrong with me.

My family on the other hand have no idea, I just have a bad leg and get tired all the time.

Im sure my daughter thinks Im a hypochondriac. I adore my two little grandchildren but do struggle to have them on my own if she is working.

Have you told your family whats happening as you are going along or did you wait for the diagnosis. Half of me thinks I should just keep it to myself until I have something concrete to tell them, but I can see that they would be hurt I have not shared it, the other half thinks I should tell them so they can understand why Im so weary and in pain all the time, and if its something that can be sorted then its a bonus.

Looking forward to your replys. R x

My hubby has been nothing less than I expected…he is the best. However on the other hand…two people I would have classed as friends, have basically said, so what. My brother / father have ms and they’re fine!! Bit soul destroying. I was lucky though, I was diagnosed very quickly. Saw my gp on the Monday, neuro on Tuesday, MRI wednesday, diagnosed Wednesday afternoon. So I told everyone then. My husband was with me throughout. I wanted people to know in one fell swoop so I didn’t have to keep rehashing my emotions. So telephoned the really important and sent a group text to everyone else. It got it over in one evening.

Blimey Rhony, I was nodding all the way through that! I feel the same, it is so hard to know what to do. I haven’t told my mum because she would worry herself silly and I really mean that. I also feel that I should wait until I have something to tell her. On the other hand she would be hurt if she knew this time last week I was lying in an MRI scanner after having some signs of damage with the Neuro. I don’t know what is going on but something is and timing when and who to tell is playing on my mind. I have a good relationship with my mum but she is a worrier and she has had a lot of close friends either diagnosed or passed away due to cancer, I felt it unfair of me to burden her with my issues, especially when I don’t know what it is yet! Sorry I’ve not been any help whatsoever!! I’ll shut up now :wink: Sam xx

Mrs H, I have already planned how to tell Mum, Kids, siblings, it will all be done in one evening. My hubby will be good, he is just in shock I think, he sits on his laptop and Im sure he is reading up on it, he is not very good at guessing games, and even after all these years he needs told in black and white : )

Sam Im sorry you are going through the same feelings, and appreciate you letting me know, I am already feeling sorry for my Mum, she will be devastated if it is, and devastated that I have not told her.

I have the neuro two weeks today and I have said, but just off the cuff remarks that its about my leg and it could be nerve damage. I wish I had a time machine.

Hi, well if you receive a diagnosis fairly quickly, then maybe you could wait.

But if it takes ages and infact never comes at all…like me…14yrs and (although I now know it isnt MS,) I still dont know why I cant walk, then how will that be received by your family and friends?

It`s a difficult one to answer.

But as my problems were visible soon after onset,I had to tell folk. Trouble is some may think you are genuine and others may not.

I had similar problems with family, as well as frineds.

Dunno what else to say hun.

luv Pollx

Hi MS43,

my heart goes out to you, its such mixed feelings in limboland…lots of symptoms to deal with, change of lifestyle and told you may never get a diagnosis is the pits at times.