should i tell people?

hi everone.

ok so as i lay here in bed and ive been having this thought about speaking up or staying quiet.

i am married just over 2 years with a baby boy, my wife knows about all thats going on and is supportive most of the time but i think frustrated a lot too.

ive got two beautiful children from a pervious relationship, a boy and girl both teens. i read somewhere that if a parent suffers from MS then its something like 10 -30 percent likely the children might also get it.

so the question, if it comes back ive got MS, should i tell my ex for the sake of the kids or just leave it be?

we dont get on very well unless we have too and i dont really enjoy the thought of her knowing about my personal life. maybe this seems like not much of a dilema but its certainly something thats been on my mind!

any thoughts are very welcomed here.

thank you

hi mickey

the theory that ms is hereditary has a small bit of truth but the reality is much more complex.

my mum’s sister had ms in the sixties when there was no treatments available.

that is my only genetic link to ms.

my youngest son was having weird physical problems and of course i worried that it was ms.

however it turned out to be a connective tissue disorder.

so the human body is a complicated beast and there are numerous weird and wonderful ailments it can suffer with.

in my opinion, you have no need to tell your ex.

enjoy your baby boy, lots of therapeutic cuddles!

carole x

No, I dont think you need to tell your ex…especially as you`re not exactly bosom buddies.

Leave it…


thank you everyone for the reassurance on this. i think you are all correct, ill keep it quiet

I agree there is no reason to spill the beans, my dx is the only one in the history of my family that anyone alive can ever remember so I wouldn’t worry too much


i dont think its as straight forward as it may seem.

i totally understand u not telling the ex but thats a huge responsibilty to put on the teenagers.

i was in similar position-2 different dads to my kids. i dont speak with the dad of the 2 eldest but i had to make sure that they understood (as far as poss!) about ms incase any mind games started. told the dad of younger 2-not an issue.

you of course know your kids best.

hope it all works out as well as poss-espec for all kids involved. take care.