The medications that i take cause me to have a very dry mouth, i try to combat this with carrying water around with me, eating sugar free sweets and a mouth spray. All of this , i think, and have been told by my dentist, can cause issues with my teeth. As a result, my teeth are not the best, and i am beginning to get a bit conscious of my teeth. Work to rectify will cost me the same as a mortgage!!!. My dentist is a privately run business, is there any financial help that i could claim for to help me with this??Any assistance would be more than welcome


If it is a private dentist and not NHS, I don’t believe so. Maybe find an NHS dentist? Depends what benefits you are on if any.

Ok, thanks

Hi, I think although I could be talking hot wind here, that if a person receives certain benefits, there is a form to recoup some of the money spent on dentist fees. I can’t and last year paid to have two dodgy caps re-done which was a bit traumatic but well worth it. I do remember the form though saying that some people can claim back. Might be worth having a look if it is relevant.