Tecfideria - going off

Hi guys - I have been advised by my MS team that I am to go off Tecfideria as its bringing my bloods down too low…meeting my neuro on 19th of this month to see the way forward.

That happened with me Redman, i was switched too copaxone no problems so far easy to take, if its actually doing anything i have no idea lol .

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Me too. It happens to a lot of people. It’s the lymphocytes that are usually depleted; they are the white blood cells which fight off viruses. When you start Tecfidera, they are supposed to drop down, but then pick up within a few months. It’s when they don’t pick up, or the levels go down even further that ultimately you have to stop the drug.

Hopefully they’ll soon be back up to normal levels. The normal range is between 1 and 5. If your levels drop lower than 0.5, that’s the point when they stop the drug. Some neurologists have said Tecfidera should be stopped when levels go below 0.8, but 0.5 is the accepted norm.

Once your WBCs are back to normal, you’ll be able to start a new DMD.


I was on copaxone and switched to tecfideria, so will be interesting to see what they do…thanks for replies folks…