I am newly diagnosed with RRMS and I am starting Tecfidera next week. I developed optics neuritis around the 10th Feb and when I saw neuro on 23rd Feb he said I could start my DMD 4-6 weeks after start of this relapse, Unfortunately my other eye has now started to develop reduced vision but my MS nurse has told me to start Tecfidera when it is delivered to my home on Monday next week, she has discussed this with my neurologist who has approved this despite his earlier advice to wait. Has anyone got any advice on starting DMD during relapse?


if your neuro and ms nurse have told you to start taking tecfidera then i’m sure you will be alright.

​make sure that you are well hydrated and have lots of rest.

tecfidera is brilliant when the side effects have died down.

good luck and welcome to the ranks of the tecfidera army!

carole x

Thankyou, I’m getting it delivered tomorrow so will start Tuesday morning. Any tips on high fat & protein breakfasts? I was thinking full fat yoghurt with nuts?

i have cereal with whole milk with a strong coffee made with whole milk.

then take my tecfidera then have toast.

if i have the pill between 2 lots of food it helps it stay down. (i was vomiting at first).

happy because with the evening meal i need 2 courses so yummy desserts!!

carole x