I am newly diagnosed with RRMS and was in clinic today and have decided to start Tecfidera. Has anyone got any advice, how have you found the drug? Side effects etc

Hi, I was diagnosed with RRMS in June & started on tecfidera 2 weeks ago. On the half dose (120mg twice a day) for 1 week, then 240mg twice a day for the 2nd week. I’ve taken an aspirin no more than 30’ before the “tec” as it’s meant to reduce / relief flushing. I take 1 at breakfast & the other with tea. I make sure I’ve eaten at least half of those meals before taking “tec.” So far, so good. I’ve had no side effects although it’s only two weeks in. Fingers & legs crossed it carries on like this!! It’s delivered to my home. Plan to just take 1 aspirin tomorrow & see if there’s any reaction. Good luck with it.

Aww thank you for this info. It’s all such a blur at the moment. I’ve got to have bloods done first then the hospital will sort out getting the drugs to me. Fingers crossed it will help, just got to get through the first month apparently then if there are side effects they should wear off. Here’s to a brighter future xx

Hang on in there.

I’ve eaten the same breakfast for the last 2 weeks. It’s probably made no difference to my response to the “tec” but I’ve not wanted to risk it. I’m more adventurous with tea & I’ve managed some wine!

PM me if you want a “new to tec” buddy.


I’ve been on it for about 3 years. Side effects haven’t been too bad. My bowels have speeded up, which is actually a good thing - I used to get constipation a lot, but now I’m much more regular. Thankfully not had the runs. I sometimes feel a little nauseous two or three hours after breakfast. Doesn’t always happen. But when it does, I have a couple handfuls of nuts and it soon passes. Flushing is fairly rare for me, so I never bother with aspirin. Probably the most common thing I get is a runny nose. The Tec nurses and my neurologist claim it’s nothing to do with it, but it definitely is - I’ve seen plenty of us say it happens to them.

Good luck. And remember, if you really don’t get on with it, then it’s ok to swap to something else.


Thank you guys for the words of support. I will keep you posted as I get started. Fingers crossed for a x mooth ride.