Tecfidera trials

Hi all, Looking to see if anyone has been put on Tecfidera and if anyone has done the aspirin trials? I am just about to go on Tecfidera as my first medication for RRMS and have been given a chance to go on the aspirin trails and am unsure as whether to do it or not? Any advice would be great thanks in advance

Hi Mrs G. Is the asprin trial about it’s effectiveness at reducing flushing? I read somewhere that having food and an asprin before the BG12 might reduce flushing?

Hey Lenney, yes that’s what they looking to see if it does, I’ve never had any medication got told in January and should be getting Tecfidera next week so unsure if I will even suffer the side affects of it on its own

Tecfidera will not be widely available until october/november to everyone else.

I have been offered to go on this trial.

The trial is to see the effect of aspirin on the flushing side effects.

The participents of the trial will be given either a placebo/low dose aspirin or high dose aspirin. We won’t know which one we are given.

We are monitored at regular intivals for 48 weeks to check side effects and have blood tests.

I can’t wait to start this treatment as i am not on a dmd now at all and that thought scares me.

You are lucky to be offered this - so go for it!!! I am!!!

Not sure when i start though yet.

I have been on rebif for several years but have had to come off it because of side effects

I did very well on the rebif though for a long time.

Tecfidera has been shown to reduce relapse rates by 50% . The injectables are rated at about 30%. Its the best drug on the market for rrms apart from the ones for highly active ms.

Snap their hand off - get on that trial!!!

Thanks Teresa didn’t know it wasn’t widely available yet, I’m just hoping the bloods that they take every two weeks can be done with my GP rather than travelling to the hospital every two weeks as its 20miles away and I need someone to take time off work to take me :frowning: I have my first appointment with my MS nurse on Wednesday so I will have a good chat with her about it. Kelly

I was told my bloods would be taken at the start of treatment and then at weeks 4,8,12,24,36 and week 48 at the end, It will be at the hospital where i am based.

I will have to fill out questionaires throughout and will have some sort of mobile device on which i will have to answer questions about side effects.

If you wait for it to become available then you won’t have to be monitored like this but will have to wait till November time.

Kelly - Tecfidera is available in Scotland and other countries but not in England yet. It is widely used and has a good safety record.

It is thought to be a major step forward in ms treatment and its in tablet form instead of injections. yay!!!

I have bullied some of my family to take it in turns to take me to these hospital visits. lol! there are only 7 in total.

Who told you every two weeks? i hope not!!

I go back in two weeks so i hope to find out more very soon. I have not had the full details yet.


I hope the bloods are done like that it was te neurologist that said every 2 weeks for bloods. Aw I see I am from scotland so that’s maybe why I’m getting it now as far as I know I get the meds on Wednesday wen I see the nurse, I do think I’m going to do it just all this is new to me I was only diagnosed in January with ms so want to get as much info as I can on it trials have my grandpa a extra 14years of life after being told he had 6momths to live with cancer, yeh I’ve read about the mobile device we will need to use during trial as well. Thanks Teresa I will do some decent research on this in the next couple of days. Kelly xxx

If you are in Scotland you can get Tecfidera anyway. You don’t need to go on the trial and be monitored if you don’t want to. It will save you having all those hospital appointments.

I am in England so the only way i can get it before November is via the trial.

Good luck.

Thanks and good luck to you I hope you get on trial very soon and works well for you x